Muzic Maestro: The Easiest Way to Learn to Play Guitar

Muzic Maestro is the ultimate learning device for the guitar.  It’s a smart device that attaches to your guitar and it will help guide students in learning chords, riffs and songs by transforming music notation or tablature into light patterns. Please see our video below for a visual of what Muzic Maestro can do for you.

An UPDATE before the video:

Here is a photo of the most recent version of the learning device showing a G chord. A revised video will follow soon. Stay Tuned!

Guitar Device


Ready to Learn? A fun approach to learning!

Plans & Pricing


If you’re a music guru, then great.  However, most of us newbies cannot focus on playing the guitar while reading music.


Learn directly on the guitar instead of reading music tablature or trying to follow a video. Looking at a screen or someone else’s guitar while playing creates confusion.


Most importantly, have fun while you are learning to play guitar by learning the basics quickly!

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